Monday, July 25, 2011

Even the kids are Paleo'n

I know - corny but hey it's better than all that crap-in-a-bag they call "fast food"! Anyway, we went fishing this weekend -- which explains my lack of posts -- well not really but it was worth a try...
I digress -- we caught 4 Sand Bass and a Sole (which i didn't know how to clean so it got spared from this meal)

I cut the fish into "nuggets" so the kids could/would pick it up with their hands. Then i patted them dry with paper towels, and sprinkled salt and pepper on the fish nuggets. I scrambled a couple of eggs and seasoned them with a little Old Bay. I then filled a plate with almond meal which was, yep you guessed it, seasoned with lemon pepper, garlic and parsley. I dipped the fish in the egg, then the almond meal then fried them up! Deeeee LISH!

I also sauteed some shredded cabbage and veggies from Trader Joes in olive oil and garlic -- finished that with smoked sea salt and fresh cracked pepper....

for dessert, they had apples and cherries... Clean plate club here we come!!

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