Sunday, August 7, 2011

So you just don't have time...

Time is the biggest 'reason' that people give me when they are explaining why they [choose to] eat [insert crappy food here]. I'm gonna pull the rug right out from under that one -- or at least jar it a bit! Sunday's are reserved for family and preparing for the coming week. Today I prepped cauliflower rice, cabbage, zucchini and fruit salad. Here's how:

Cabbage prep

First wash the cabbage and remove any outer leaves that are damaged or bruised. Then cut each head in half and remove the core by making  'V' cuts. Finally, cut the halves in half (should have 4 pieces) then shred the quarters. 

I used the mandolin to slice onion because what's cabbage without onion??

Then bag, tag and freeze! Be sure to squeeze allllll of the air out before you freeze it. 
Voila! Three bags of  cabbage! This can be frozen for up to 3 months -- but it doesn't last that long in my house!

I also used my handy dandy mandolin to slice up some squash and zucchini.

Now for the Cauli Rice prep
First remove the outer leaves from the heads then remove the flouettes with a knife taking care to have as little of the stem as possible. Place the florettes in a food processor and pulse until its the texture of rice. I only place 5 or 6 florettes in the processor at a time so that I don't over process...

I hope this helps! Enjoy!!

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Jennifer said...

Can you freeze the "rice" or does it get mushy?