Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tanka Bars (what??)

Pre-Paleo, I had never heard of them either. SO glad I was introduced!

Since going Paleo, I’ve been ALL about making my own… well… everything! I even make my own jerky so WHY would I blog about anything packaged? Because this packaged product is one of a very few that I would GLADLY eat! Tanka bars are a 100% natural sweet savory mix of Bison, cranberries and seasoning – and that’s it. They’re gluten, lactose and soy free and have no nitrates or msg. No franken food here! They are tender and yummy and great to keep in my purse for a go-to when I’m on-the-go.

They are chewy – not chewy in the you’ll-wear-your-jaw-out-fall-asleep-while-chewing sense – but much more tender than any other jerky I’ve tried. There are also whole cranberry pieces in there which was a bit of a surprise for both me and the spousal unit. Not a bad surprise but a surprise none-the-less.

I tried every size (bars, bites and sticks) and shape as well as the spicy pepper blend and original. I prefer the spicy pepper blend because of the (very minimal) kick they have – mixes well with the sweet – a lot like me, sweet and slightly spicy! The kids liked all of them but liked the sticks the best.

Wanna try them yourself? Now through Feb. 17, go to and use coupon code: MRSPALEO for a lovely discount! Hope you like them as much as we all did!

PS - To be Tanka is to live in balance with Mind, Body and Spirit... *love*


Portia P said...

And where praytell will one find such a produce? or sprout?

Mark said...

Great review! Portia, you can use the store locator to find a spot near you. However ordering online is the only way to use the coupon Mrs. Paleo posted. That is also where you can find the locator. Tanka is not in Trader Joe's at the moment.

Portia P said...

Thanks for the info Mark