Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicken Nuggets - The sequel

I had an original recipe for these that required dipping pieces of chicken in egg wash then in an almond meal/tapioca flour mixture then frying. That was all fine and dandy until i discovered that my body can only take so many nuts before it goes on strike and makes my face break out like a newly hormonal teenager. Add to that the fact that the more i consume nuts, the more my eczema flares and you have the necessity for a new recipe... and so was born this concoction. The kids devoured it -- and asked for more -- that means it is post-worthy. And they freeze well too! Hope you like it too!

1 lb ground chicken
2 Tbs coconut milk
2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 Tbs coconut flour
1 C pork rinds - pulsed in food processor to crumbs
Lard / tallow for frying

Place chicken, coconut milk, seasonings and coconut flour in food processor. Pulse until all ingredients are combined.
Form 2 inch nuggets (1/2 inch thick)
Coat with pork rind crumbs then pan fry until golden.
Drain, serve, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Yummy! I'm sorry you're having a problem with nuts. I noticed that I was having a problem with almonds so I removed all nuts and seeds from my diet and will test myself, one by one, with each nut/seed so I can narrow down which ones are bothering me and which ones I can add back into my diet. It can be challenging sometimes because a lot of recipes use nut flour in place of regular and I can't have that either, so I have to get creative with my recipes...necessity is the mother of invention though, so I don't mind. It just means I'll come up with ideas that I otherwise would not have.

Krissie said...

But.. Ground chicken IS PINK SLIME. What is it? Before the mid-20th Century all these scraps used to go to waste. Now Agribusiness found a way for you to buy their scraps!

Basically an entire chicken or Turkey is pressed through a sieve - bones, eyes, guts, and all - you get ground chicken or poultry. And because it's crawling with bacteria, it is soaked in Ammonia (the cleaning kind, not the edible kind -btw, there are no edible Ammonia's). Then because Pink Slime tastes GROSS, it will be flavored artificially and since it's weirdly pink. It will be dyed with artificial color.


Orleatha Smith said...

@Minichick - i didnt realize that i was having a problem until someone tipped me off and i eliminated them - THEN i noticed my skin clearing!
You are so right -- necessity is the mother of invention ;)

@Krissie - i love how you are up on your agribusiness but i grind my own chicken :)

Rebecca MacLary said...

What is wrong with eyeballs, guts, and bones? I don't think people got so damned picky until just recently. BTW, bones and organs are GOOD for you. Not sure about the ammonia, dye, and flavour part though. Is this for certain with ALL ground meats? I thought it was just for processed meats like chicken nuggets, etcetera. If the label says just "chicken" then it CAN'T have that other stuff in it.

Rebecca MacLary said...

Did you even read that snopes article? People, read the article.

Alison said...

Um, you can grind your own chicken or have your butcher grind it for you. Not all ground chicken is that pink slime - that's what they feed the kids in schools.

Orleatha, I love this recipe. I'm going to try it. My kids get excited when I try a chicken nugget recipe but we haven't found one that works quite right yet.

And I too have a problem with nuts. I have had to stop them. Bah! I cannot control how many I eat which is a bad sign and I am running to the bathroom pretty darn quickly. And I thought they were soooo good for us. :-(

Authentic Human said...

Those look really yummy. We've been looking for a breading alternative for other things so will be giving this a try is some other recipes.

Orleatha Smith said...

I actually like offal but my family HATES it so no innards for this chick (even though they are packed with nutrients!) I can't say that i'd eat bones but i'd make a HECK of a bone broth from them :)

Nuts and me have a love-hate relationship -- i love them. they hate me and my skin :(

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the nuts and your complexion. I've add adult acne (on my chin area) for YEARS and could never figure out why I was getting it, or how to get rid of it. Even after removing grains and dairy from my diet, it didn't go away. Only recently, after removing the nuts/seeds from my diet has my acne gone away.

malvs2walk said...

what a great idea! pork rinds for a crunchy coating! Love it!

Amy M. Deakins said...

I have psoriasis and can totally agree with you on how foods affect our skin. I just completed my first whole30 and my psoriasis basically cleared up in under 22 days, minus small spots here and there. I was amazed and convinced that this lifestyle is totally for me. I still struggle with recipes that I can eat and maintain my sense of normalcy for my son, this recipe allows me to do that. I am excited that I found you on the web and will be reading and using lots of your recipes. :)