Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eat Like A Dinosaur

While at Paleo FX last week, I snagged a copy of Eat Like A Dinosaur for my offspring. Well, okay it was for me as I have a very unnatural obsession with cookbooks. I buy them, borrow them, flip through them a hundred times but rarely USE them. I just like to collect them. This time was different. I flipped through this book and one of the things that caught my eye was the little hand prints (like the ones my kiddos leave everywhere) in the instructions section. I love that these hand prints denote the steps that the littles can help with -- super cute idea. I also really like the post-it notes (another unnatural obsession of mine) on the picture pages. Helps with identifying the temp to preheat the oven or any special tools that I might need. I also like that there's a post-it on every recipe for notes. The book is also broken up into color coded sections, making it really easy to flip to the stuff you need. I love that there is a 'Snacks' section because many of us struggle with snacks for the kids. There's also a word on packing lunches with great tips and a fun 'Projects' section. Ohhh and let's not forget the 'Dips/sauces' section because the girl-child is going through a must-dip-everything-in-something phase and my bbq sauce was getting old quick! 

Now - on to the best part - the recipes!
The recipes were easy to read, easy to follow, and best of all - tasted GREAT. I tried the Halupki Casserole - mainly because it came with a cool family story and because i had never heard of it. I wanted to try something that I had never had before so that I could give it a fair shake. Had i made something that I already had a recipe for or had already tweaked into my own creation, i would have been biased (yes, hard to believe i know). Anyway, loved this recipe and so did the fam. Anything with only FIVE steps rocks in my book! I also love the fact that it is totally freezable making it perfect for my OAMC super-cook fests!

I really like this book and will recommend it to all you Paleo parents out there. It does have a couple sweet treats that contain unrefined sugar *gasp* but like the author says, just replace it with your sweetener of choice. Great book with tips on transitioning, stories and a cute illustrated section to read with the kids. Loved it!


Anonymous said...

How cool! Stacy just mentioned you and this book review on her blog. That was so nice of her to give you a shout out. They are so awesome and down to earth...gotta love that!

Unknown said...

oh WOW! I seriously wrote this from the heart -- for parents who want more recipes (and peeps like me who have an unnatural obsession with cookbooks). I think i'm most giddy that Stacy liked me :)

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