Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paleo FX 2012 Highlights

If i had to describe this conference in one word, it would be WOW! I am only going to post highlights because there is so much that I could write - but this is a blog and I should really keep it short and sweet (like me). I'm not really a writer (as evidenced by the one word description) but this event has caused me to break out my skills -- don't judge :)

Pre-conference Highlights: 

Kevin and Stephanie Cottrell. They not only opened their home to complete strangers (Me and Mr. Paleo) but they made sure we were well taken care of. They made us feel comfortable in their home, fed us and  worked out with us -- We will forever be indebted to them because of their kindness. It may seem like a small thing to some, but it meant the world to us.

Tara: Tara blogs over at Primal Girl in a Modern World and to say that we connected would be an understatement. Tara is AH.MA.ZING! Her story blows me away every time (yes i have read it more than once) I read it. She is a gifted writer, a hard worker, a talented seamstress, and just an all around GREAT person. She'll be speaking at PrimalCon 2012 - can't wait to hear what she has to say - i know it will be great!

Day 1 Highlight: 
Besides getting to hang out with paleo rock stars like Robb Wolf, Jimmy More, Nora Gedgaudas, Chris Kresser and Diane Sanfilippo,  Dr. Jack Kruse of Optimal health gave an opening speech that was beyond inspiring. I must admit that I was a little afraid of what he was going to say because he admitted to scrapping his original speech in favor of 'winging it'. His talk was inspiring. He called upon each of us to stop burning each other within the Paleo community but instead to light the fire for those who need us - those who need to see the Paleo light - to be the old man that would make a difference for the starfish. As if i were not hyper enough, his speech took it to a new level. I LOVED IT!

Day 2 Highlight:
Mark Sisson talked about choices -- what I loved about it was that there was no judgement of the choices - there are no good or bad choices - just choices. Your choices determine your outcomes and it's up to YOU to perform your own science experiment. The outcomes can then be judged as good or bad for YOU. I loved it because it not only resonated with the whole 'unity' theme but it stuck with me because i am all for empowering people to make choices. To give them control of their outcomes. Then and only then can people be held accountable. Accountability is... well that's a whole other blog post... 

Day 3 Highlight: 
Dean Dwyer! Dean blogs over at Being Primal, is an amazing success story and has a book that he's about to release.I got the chance to chat with Dean on day 1 and instantly wanted to talk to him more. He's not a scientist and wasn't an athlete looking to improve performance. He was a normal guy trying to heal himself and found Paleo. I had read his blog and re-posted his posts because there is great stuff to be found there but meeting him in person brought a whole new level of awesomeness to him! In his talk, entitled "Paleo that Lasts", Dean outlined 21 points to make paleo last. You'll have to get the Paleo FX dvd to see the whole thing but what an awesome way to end day 3! I was even MORE fired up (if that's even possible) to help people make this thing last. What an inspiration! 

I left this conference saddened because i honestly did not want it to end. The concentration of positive energy in that place was so inspiring that i wanted to stay there! Good news is that it's NOT going to end! I've decided to take flight... stay tuned. Big things are coming from Mrs. Paleo - aka starfish :)


Alison said...

Hey, Mrs Paleo ;-)

I loved your write-up. I would have loved to have been there. The talks you highlighted showed me we think alike because I found what you wrote to be great. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing more about what you're gonna EAT, Orleatha!

Orleatha Smith said...

Thank you! I had SUCH a blast and i know that there are so many people out there who think like we do! Hope you can make it next year! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fill-in, and links, for the paleo event. Wish I could have gone. I'm glad you had such a good experience there.

Orleatha Smith said...

I'm sure you'll go next year and we'll have to meet up for a grass-fed burger at 24 diner :)

Anonymous said...

I wish! We just bought a house and are saving up to remodel our kitchen. I have access to a pasture raised cow share, but because we bought the house last year I didn't get to participate, and now the remodel. :( But, I'm hoping to convince my husband that I want a quarter of a cow for my anniversary present this year. :) How many women do you know who would want a quarter of a cow for their anniversary present? Well, maybe I shouldn't ask you that; you probably know a handful of women who would want that. Maybe the better question would be, how many men do you know are lucky enough to have a wife who wants a quarter of a cow for an anniversary present? :)

Maybe at some point in the future I'll be able to go though.